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As a graphic designer, my aim is to help you enjoy the benefits of professional layouts that get your readers’ attention and help you gain authority in your field.

My approach to books

There are numerous details to manage, many of which go far beyond the scope of word processing programs.

A consistent baseline grid. Anchored image placement. Justification parameters.

You’ve considered doing it all on your own, but as soon as you open InDesign you realize there are even more questions you hadn’t considered.

Which color space to choose? How to license and embed your fonts? How to handle hyphenation rules for that foreign quote? How to create a special finish on the cover?

Navigating these decisions with aplomb is the key to a professional design, and I work with a 17-point checklist to make sure nothing gets missed.

The thing is, I like these details, and I’m here for you if it’s not your thing.

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I’m Joanna

Graphic designer and book architect

I enjoy helping business owners and independent authors publish material that delights their readers, so they can build ongoing relationships with their audience and maintain their trust.

The beginning of Funke Design

In 2008, I started my journey as an independent designer. I was trained as an architect, which instilled me with the discipline to focus on structural details with mathematical precision, all in service of a greater design concept. My focus as architect was on helping small businesses create unique interior layouts for their retail and service storefronts.

At the same time, I developed broader skills in retail branding and document design and began to focus more on graphics that support business development. This dovetailed with my love of books and passion for the power of visual communication.

My business evolved when I started collaborating with my husband Mark, an antiquarian bookseller.

Today, I help authors and business owners build trust with their audience through well-developed, professionally formatted documents that maintain high standards for their brand.


Dedicated Personal Service

Every project is unique and tailored to your vision. I work on each one individually, in focused blocks of time, and every project receives my full attention.

Modern Style

I consider the spatial layout of a book as I would approach architectural design. Rational structure and clear circulation are key to my aesthetic. I also consider the three-dimensional nature of the book as object when making formatting decisions.

Collaborative Workflow

Your input is important. I schedule dedicated design days where I present style sheets and, ultimately, the final design to you over video chat. The entire day is then yours to request iterations and revisions to shape the final document to your liking.

With this approach, the project schedule is streamlined and reliable, and you get the attention you deserve.

Want to learn more?

I’m committed to helping writers appear polished and professional in print — because I believe in the power of the structured page to breathe life into written words.

Which brings me to your next project. I’m here to help you put together a document that your audience will love to read.

Whether you’re looking for a full-service designer or want personal assistance with your file preparation, I’m here to help.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you!